Optimal care for stressed and heavily soiled skin is provided by Kroll washing pastes, creams, hand protection products, Daysoft liquid soaps, Kroll Master Orange hand gels for cleaning paint and glue, Kroll Optima cleaning pastes and other unique products in our range.

The Italian company Kroll is dedicated to the production of high quality, new generation cosmetic products that fully respect the environment. The Kroll brand has been on the market since 1979 and has quickly become a pioneer and innovator in the professional cosmetic sector. Kroll's goal is to offer its clients the best, using an environmentally sustainable approach.

Kroll therefore focuses on continuous research and development, as well as the careful creation and testing of formulas that respect nature. This has enabled improved results and performance of products and production processes. On the international market, Kroll now holds a significant position in the green manufacturing sector.