52A43 - Medium thread locking

52A43 - Medium thread locking

Packaging: 50 ml

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Thread locking.


For sealing lubricants in general and threaded components made of various materials, including cadmium and galvanized metals. For parts that need to be disassembled.


  • Medium thixotropic product: does not flow.
  • Prevents loosening caused by vibrations, shocks and temperature differences.
  • Prevents corrosion and galling.
  • Allows disassembly using conventional tools.
  • Excellent resistance to water, oil, fuel, hydraulic and coolant fluids, gases and vapours.
  • Tested to DIN 54454 standards.
  • Operating temperature: from 55 °C to +150 °C.
  • Maximum diametral clearance: 0.25 mm.
  • At room temperature it lasts at least 12 months.


Product code: 4705

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